It doesn't matter whether what you say about the validity and confidentiality of your survey is true or not. Now, let's say they came to this site or one like it, read your pontifications about how safe and above-board this all is, and decided it was ok to answer your questions. If I ever get ahold of you, I'll sink my teeth into your cheek and rip your face off! Had I seen it, I would have shut it down. I will thank you for showing me the futility of human endeavor. It's going to be increasingly difficult for you to get the desired response rates to your survey, because the public is reaching a deep understanding of how dangerous it is to ever respond to a stranger on the phone. More and more people have become aware of this fact, and maybe someday you too will understand -- and I hope you don't have to learn it the hard way. Sometimes, Bart passes the phone to someone when Moe realizes that he has been tricked and they get an earful of Moe's threat. That went pretty well.

Brother sex prank phone call

December saw the show's first annual Homeless Shopping Spree, a segment that involved homeless people going on a shopping spree in a mall with money donated by listeners. In , Hughes and Cumia were involved in a public feud on Twitter regarding their growing strained relationship over the years. When it was time for the duo to give away the prize, the "winning" caller instead received a Grand chocolate bar instead of the money. The two expressed a wish to never work together again. Hughes had wished to evolve his show to "more than just me on the radio", and knew it could be achieved with Cumia's on-air personality. I turned to Mel Karmazin Among the thirty or so submissions that he received, one of them was "Gonna Electric Shock O. Chi'en made a live apology, but was fired a few hours later. I don't want anyone knocking me They were fired on August 22, in addition to WNEW's general manager and program director the day before. Some categorized them as shock jocks , [] despite their disagreement with the term. The innocent victims of scams and identity theft that started because of a phone call would prefer not to either, but they don't have the luxury of ignorance that you apparently do. More and more people have become aware of this fact, and maybe someday you too will understand -- and I hope you don't have to learn it the hard way. The pair renewed their contracts in October In May , Opie and Anthony managed to gain a 4. Norton was proved to be popular with the listeners and towards the end of , the pair decided to have Norton sit in on the show for three or four days a week. The show was cancelled after four weeks; McMahon stated that he had no creative control, adding: Cumia accepted, and Hughes pitched the idea to WBAB management with the intent of moving to the morning or afternoon slot, but it was declined. The two claimed the campaign had gone too far, and had run its course. On some occasions, in addition to laughing for the prank call, the patrons will also give their own witty responses at the caller's expense. When I get ahold of you, I'm gonna gut you like a fish and drink your blood! Then I'm gonna use your tongue to paint my boat! These are all plausible scenarios. Three months earlier, Stern threatened management with his resignation if they did not go through with his request, after Hughes and Cumia blew the news of a surprise rock concert that Stern was to announce the following morning. Similarly, in Lost Verizon , when calling the bartender at Crocodile Dunkee in Australia, one of the patrons told the barkeep to "better put it down then, mate! You have chosen a communication vector -- the telephone -- which has all but been co-opted by scammers. However, the channel returned to the service on April 26 due to popular demand from listeners.

Brother sex prank phone call

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Brother sex prank phone call

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