He is for the most part an outspoken conservative he once said dreamily that he missed voting for Ronald Reagan. During the Olympics he is mentioned to be 45, suggesting a later birthdate. After graduating from high school, he went on to work as a salesman at Jeans West , a clothing retailer, until Buck found that he was a good salesman and hired him at Strickland Propane, where he taught Hank everything about propane and propane accessories. In nearly every episode, Hank and his friends Dale, Bill and Boomhauer will stand about in the alley behind Hank's house, drinking Alamo beer and discussing the events of the day. In one episode, Hank let his hair grow slightly due to being afraid of another haircut from Luanne. He had a promising career until he snapped his ankle in the state championship although this cost Arlen the game, he is still celebrated for "taking them to State".

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He thinks that Texas is superior to all other states in the U. Hank thinks very highly of Texas. Hank is against charcoal, butane which he refers to as a "bastard gas" and the use of propane alternatives such as electric water-heaters, heaters, stoves and ovens. Occasionally, he will listen to Southern Rock music and in one episode, remarks that he likes "this Zamfir fellow," a joke towards Gheorghe Zamfir even believing his music was better than The Beatles. Hank can be gullible, as for 25 years he bought vehicles at sticker price from Tom Hammond's dealership, thinking they were a great deal. The man was later revealed to be a completely unreliable drug addict. He's unofficially nominated the best lawn in the neighborhood. Character analysis[ edit ] Describing Hank physically, Jo Johnson has written, "In keeping with [Mike] Judge's tradition of subtlety, the character of Hank Hill is only slightly overweight, not to satisfy the stereotype of the boorish husband, but because he eats a lot of meat and drinks a lot of beer. He has shown to have chiroptophobia , the fear of bats. According to his neighbor Dale, he also had a brief stint as a tractor salesman. This is a play on the stereotype of exaggerated Texas pride. Development[ edit ] When Mike Judge submitted the pilot script and drawings for King of the Hill to the Fox network, network executives advised him that Hank Hill should be younger than 49 years old, as Judge had described the character. In one episode, Peggy is bitter for throwing a special birthday party for Ladybird but not for herself, where it is implied in some episodes she believes Hank spends more time with Ladybird and being house proud than he does with her, as suggested in another episode where he mourns over his sub-par lawn compared to his neighbors, remarking. This same episode reveals that boys entering the Order are 12 years old, which would give Hank a birth date of sometime in Unlike Buck and his business enemy, Milton Farnsworth "M. In only one episode did Hank purposely allow his lawn to die; when water restrictions and a drought forced Hank to run for public office on a platform opposing the city water policy which wasted more water than it saved. He was initially a huge fan of George W. Cotton was also revealed to have slept with many women before and after that as Cotton once stated , meaning Hank likely has several other illegitimate brothers and sisters, although none of these other relatives have been confirmed throughout the series. Ultimately, Hank cares for the people around him, particularly his family and friends and is always out to do what is right. Personal life[ edit ] In the first episode of the series, his wife Peggy Hill prompts Hank to tell his son that he loves him — after he finally manages to do so, Bobby says that he thought of himself as a "big disappointment," which Hank immediately rejects, earnestly declaring that Bobby is the one thing in town that has never disappointed him. After referring to himself as a native Texan for forty years, he was sad to learn he was born in New York, but over time, accepted his heritage when he realized that many of the Alamo heroes were not from Texas, either. Hank never professes an explicit party loyalty, and he and his buddies who sip beer in the alley don't talk like their fellow Texan Tom DeLay. There have been several episodes that featured Hank with a drastically different hairstyle, often and humorously due to Luanne's poor hairstyling skills. However his idyllic passion is golf which coincides with his love of lawns. These include outwitting a rapacious lawyer who was attempting to sue Strickland Propane for an injury suffered on its premises by making it appear as though the injury occurred in his own law office, and forcing a veterinarian who was requiring costly and unnecessary tests for a soldier's cat to desist in poetic irony, Hank began informing the vet's demanding clientele of an unneeded, but slightly superior, imaging machine the vet was unwilling to invest in. In the second-season episode, "Hank's Dirty Laundry," Hank himself states his birth year as , though he is probably referring to the alias Rusty Shackleford — which Dale had suggested earlier in the episode.

Buck wild sex flavor of love

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Buck wild sex flavor of love

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