Learn how to use a dildo for maximum pleasure here. Anal Sex Cons Needs Planning — One of the biggest problems with having anal sex is that it requires some planning. Depending on the man, you may only be able to get one knuckle deep before he's uncomfortable, or you may find that he enjoys an entire finger or two - or three. Anal Beads — These consist of connected round beads, almost like a necklace that you insert into your anus and then pull out. IMPORTANT - Using flared based dildos or ones with handles is encouraged as you do not want to accidentally lose your dildo up your rectum and be unable to easily remove it. Grab hold of his penis and then slowly guide it inside your anus. You may well be surprised at how this gives your partner permission to get real about his or her own sexual interests.

Finger tips for having sex

Thus, double penetration simultaneous insertion into the anus and vagina can be an amazing sexual experience for a woman. Again, it is good for couples because the bacteria from the anus can get inside the urethra of the man's penis and cause a UTI - Urinary Tract Infection. Anal Sex Cons Needs Planning — One of the biggest problems with having anal sex is that it requires some planning. Instead, he should remain still. If you or your partner do not like the anus area being stimulated you can firmly massage the perineum a. Make sure to discuss anal sex and be educated about it before starting to prevent a painful experience as this can cause a long term fear of the act unnecessarily. If you'll pardon the tasteless metaphor, prostate play is an acquired taste. Developing the ability to relax and open both at will was a big step for me in welcoming G-Spot pleasure. In fact, they may be more than simply disinterested in the idea of anal sex, they may dislike and even hate the idea. Our Tantra training in the mid s taught us to engage in penis and G-Spot massage as part of a multiple orgasm program. As well as trying new positions, you need to try some of the following things: You CAN use water based lubes with latex condoms as it does not degrade them. While this tutorial video is quite distressing, it will teach you how to make your man scream with pleasure and become sexually addicted to you. Remember that you still need to be in control here. During the aroused state, the fluid builds up in the prostate to the point where it will come out. If you are not particularly keen, but your man is obsessed, then dealing with this pressure can be a real turn off. Stopping to reapply lube can obviously ruin the vibe. His hands — If your man is using one of these 19 anal sex positions , then all he needs to do is reach around and start rubbing and massaging your clit and vagina. Vibrator — Using a vibrator is a super satisfying anal sex technique. The prostate is essentially the same thing as the gspot in a woman. Most guys only enjoy it after repeated practice. Avoid the temptation of having vaginoplasty, which is an extreme and unnecessary measure. I have also created a separate guide here on how to full prepare your body for anal sex hygiene, etc. Communication, Seriously Learning how to have good anal sex requires great communication with your man. If all goes well, slowly insert your finger up to your first knuckle. Instead, try something else from the Bad Girls Bible. Therefore using something like a Silicone Dildo is a good toy to start with as it is soft, yet firm enough for entry.

Finger tips for having sex

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Finger tips for having sex

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