The study of canon law , the legal system of the Catholic Church, fused with that of Roman law to form the basis of the refounding of Western legal scholarship. After a year, he also filled the role of Live at Five co-anchor with Sue Simmons. By , he had become an on-air reporter for the station's 6 p. The Age of Discovery faded into the Age of Enlightenment of the 18th century, during which cultural and intellectual forces in Western Europe emphasized reason, analysis, and individualism rather than traditional lines of authority. The Celts also created some significant literature in the ancient world whenever they were given the opportunity an example being the poet Caecilius Statius. Justinian's Corpus Juris Civilis Roman civil law code was preserved in the East and Constantinople maintained trade and intermittent political control over outposts such as Venice in the West for centuries. My mom is not. Important western architectural motifs include the Doric , Corinthian , and Ionic columns, and the Romanesque , Gothic , Baroque , and Victorian styles are still widely recognised, and used even today, in the West.

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Although Rome, like Greece, was no longer democratic, the idea of democracy remained a part of the education of citizens. The rediscovery of the Justinian Code in Western Europe early in the 10th century rekindled a passion for the discipline of law, which crossed many of the re-forming boundaries between East and West. The First Industrial Revolution evolved into the Second Industrial Revolution in the transition years between and , when technological and economic progress continued with the increasing adoption of steam transport steam-powered railways, boats, and ships , the large-scale manufacture of machine tools and the increasing use of machinery in steam-powered factories. After a year, he also filled the role of Live at Five co-anchor with Sue Simmons. She is most likely the personification of Geometry, based on Martianus Capella's famous book De Nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii [5th c. The United States Constitution Coming into the modern era , the historical understanding of the East-West contrast—as the opposition of Christendom to its geographical neighbors—began to weaken. Coinciding with the Age of Enlightenment was the scientific revolution , spearheaded by Newton. As the Today Show news anchor, he also substituted for Bryant Gumbel on the Today Show before being named the official co-anchor on January 6, , after Gumbel stepped down. In her left hand she holds a square, an implement for testing or drawing right angles. Scholars have proposed a wide variety of theories to explain why the Great Divergence happened, including lack of government intervention, geography, colonialism, and customary traditions. Historian Paul Legutko of Stanford University said the Catholic Church is "at the center of the development of the values, ideas, science, laws, and institutions which constitute what we call Western civilization. The music video was also developed in the West in the middle of the 20th century. Europe fell into political anarchy, with many warring kingdoms and principalities. From the time of Alexander the Great the Hellenistic period Greek civilization came in contact with Jewish civilization. This led directly to the emergence and development of European classical music, and its many derivatives. Photography, and the motion picture as both a technology and basis for entirely new art forms were also developed in the West. In the Roman world one could speak of three main directions: As religion became less important, and Europeans came into increasing contact with far away peoples, the old concept of Western culture began a slow evolution towards what it is today. Its influence is found in all Western legal systems, although in different manners and to different extents. The process was accompanied and reinforced by the Age of Discovery and continued into the modern period. Traditional cult was a focus of Imperial revivalist legislation under Decius and Diocletian. It challenged the authority of institutions that were deeply rooted in society, such as the Catholic Church ; there was much talk of ways to reform society with toleration, science and skepticism. What we think of as Western thought today originates primarily from Greco-Roman and Germanic influences, and includes the ideals of the Middle Ages , the Renaissance , and the Enlightenment , as well as Christian culture. In Gothic architecture , light was considered the most beautiful revelation of God. From Late Antiquity , through the Middle Ages , and onwards, while Eastern Europe was shaped by the Orthodox Church , Southern and Central Europe were increasingly stabilized by the Catholic Church which, as Roman imperial governance faded from view, was the only consistent force in Western Europe. The Celts also created some significant literature in the ancient world whenever they were given the opportunity an example being the poet Caecilius Statius.

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Huntington west virginia hidden camera sex

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