Eager to help the war effort, she volunteered at the Indiana Hospital. Ingrid created the pizza bag. Luckily, the baby was fine, but after their harrowing experience, Janette wondered how many other people had ended up in similar circumstances. The resolution was approved by almost every member of Congress, regardless of political affiliation—every member except for one lone representative. Martha, on the other hand, was crushed, not because of the money but because her doll babies had suddenly become commercialized. Not only was she a fully qualified doctor, she could also rock a pair of pants. Things got really intense in , when three black men were lynched because their store was drawing customers away from white businesses. Later in life, the Kopp women kept on catching criminals by opening their very own detective agency.

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To Martha, the dolls were part art and part human being. She took things even further when she published Southern Horrors, a booklet that detailed numerous lynchings and explained the real motive behind these crimes. Thanks to her hard work, you have to press down on the brake if you want to put your car into drive. It was definitely a unique publicity stunt, and thanks to these stewardesses, the PR campaign helped sway the public into supporting one of the most important construction projects in New York—and by extension, American—history. The Confederates tossed her into the infamous Castle Thunder Prison for several months before finally exchanging her for one of their own doctors. So she was quite the forward thinker. In fact, she kept writing music until she died in But not everyone appreciated these hulking monoliths. And after several weeks of intense study, there were set loose on the streets of New York. It seems despite the politics of the time, everybody was wowed by her lyrics. Originally from Brooklyn, Constance left the Big Apple after becoming pregnant, a big no-no for a single woman in the late 19th century. But where did this popular toy get its start? In , the Supreme Court ruled the AUMF granted the president power to imprison enemies, justifying extraordinary rendition and the creation of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. While she was out of town, a mob burned her newspaper to the ground. Infuriated, she met with Secretary of War Simon Cameron, but the man turned down her request. She is the naughty little MILF next door, the slutty wife, the mature woman who loves big fat cock. In the late s, Ida became the co-owner and editor of a Memphis newspaper called The Free Speech and Headlight, where she tirelessly wrote about how white Southerners committed violent acts against the black community, stole their property, and deprived them of their rights. True, her decision was incredibly contentious, but Congresswoman Barbara Lee knew voting on such a controversial resolution at such an emotional time was probably a bad idea. Some even kept sterno heaters in the backseat of their cars which, obviously, was kind of dangerous. Infuriated, Ida used her paper to encourage African Americans to leave Memphis. And her persistence paid off in , when she was finally appointed as an assistant surgeon. Worried her return would spark a riot, Ida moved to Chicago, where she continued her mission to combat lynching. These World Trade Center Construction Guides were college students, mostly from New Jersey, hired to calm the public with their good looks and fast facts about the Twin Towers. Ingrid created the pizza bag. And every half hour, one of the women would arm herself with a microphone, walk out onto a nearby observation deck, and give a speech in support of the Twin Towers. Her father made display cases for a living, and Anita helped out by working as a piano teacher.

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