Stelio Savante as Leo, one of Bedlam's hired goons. Enraged and jealous, she attacks the pair with a great white shark. Matt agrees and meets Jenny for a candlelit dinner at his apartment, under the pretense of wanting to resume their relationship. That was the last time the movie was funny, and when was that scene? Up in the Sky! The film can't decide whether to be romantic comedy or superhero drama.

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The film can't decide whether to be romantic comedy or superhero drama. At one point I've forgotten exactly when because now it's all just a blur , our "hero," Luke Wilson starts running through traffic; I think he was looking for a cab. This could have been really funny because the concept is actually interesting but it is poorly executed here. That scene ended with the purse-snatching criminal dangling helplessly from the fire escape far, far above the departing Luke and Uma. As cries for help are heard from afar, Jenny and Hannah, who have become partners in crime-fighting, take off to tackle the emergency. Even though he seemed to hate Jenny, deep inside he still loved her and was acting out trying to regain her attention by means of his ultimate plan in which he used the same meteor to remove her powers. Bedlam retired from villainy and eventually married Jenny. Sign in to vote. When she falls in love with Matt, she becomes controlling and demanding with him, and when he finally tries to break up with her, sets out to make his life a living hell through abusing her super powers. Which was when Jenny got her powers and become popular at school, leaving Barry behind. The result is a film the flip-flops between both, with neither aspect being very well done. Bedlam's trap is sprung, and the energy that gave Jenny her powers is drained back into the meteorite, incapacitating Jenny. The character played by Wanda Sykes was just plain awful and was so out of place in this flick. When a man says that he wishes he had a super power of being able to orally pleasure himself I pretty much consider the movie to be in the realm of childish 14 year old male fantasies. The last time the movie was interesting was when Luke Wilson climbs out of the dumpster, hair dryer in hand, and first meets the "heroine," Uma Thurman. But seconds later, the magic is lost, gone as quick as the superheroine whose movies disappoints in almost every way. From the first every other scene was a discussion about how little sex they where getting, how long its been since they got some, when their next sexual liaison will be, and with whom it should be with. October Learn how and when to remove this template message Writer Don Payne conceived of the idea of his first film while working on The Simpsons television series, saying that as a fan of comics, the idea of a romantic comedy with a superhero twist was "a fitting first feature". Mark Consuelos as Steve Velard, a handsome but shallow underwear model who is Hannah's boyfriend at the beginning, and the primary reason Matt doesn't ask her out early on. Only the unexpected reappearance of Hannah, who was also exposed to the meteorite's energies, and now possesses the same powers as G-Girl, saves Matt. He also finds out that Jenny is in fact G-Girl. The one-trick pony plot is long in the tooth after the first 20 minutes. When a musical score might have helped squeeze life out of this dullard, the sound track stayed empty and silent. Spoilers At what point exactly does a good movie go bad? Years had passed, he changed his name and become G-girl's nemesis. Spoilers This is one of the worst movies I have seen recently. Thank goodness for DVDs, like this one, that can be borrowed from the library - for free!

My super ex girlfriend sex

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My super ex girlfriend sex

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