He stayed with Radio London until the end, although he was on shore-leave on the actual last day, his final programme being on 7th August. The general consensus seems to be that if he was an important contributor to sixties offshore radio which he was then he should be included, irrespective of what he got up to in his private life. Thanks to Geoff Toon for some of the above information. On the journey back, Bates mentioned to Dick that he was looking for a radio engineer and suggested he might like to join the team. In late summer he returned to America and resumed his career there. He presented programmes on both Radio Atlanta, the station that later became Caroline South, and on Radio Invicta, a low powered sweet music station which later became Radio He started with station 2RG in Griffith, New South Wales, a small country station where he turned his hand to everything: Simon was the first star of offshore radio.

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He became a freelance voice-over and was heard reading the news on Capital Radio in London in during a journalists' strike. In fact this was not true. Dave Cash told Roger that some Americans were in London, recruiting for a new radio station. As a child he lived in Australia and France before attending Millfield public school where one of his fellow pupils was Tony Blackburn. He has also written about his memories of joining his first station for our feature on Radio England and Britain Radio and we have some pictures taken at their 40th anniversary reunion , the Radio Academy Celebration of Offshore Radio and the Offshore 50 reunion. Alexander Dee on Radio City, one afternoon in August He was there on day one as the DJs posed for press photographers on the trawler Cornucopia. He was a very talented character actor on TV, stage and screen - never a big star but always in work. Sadly this new programme did not work out and his contract was prematurely terminated after just a few months. In our family was having dinner and Jake said, 'Daddy, did Peter Pan ever grow up? In the seventies he appeared in Gerry Anderson's series U. We have been told that sadly Alex died in For more photos and recordings, check out Spotlight On Roger Day and this photo album. There is a picture of Simon with a copy of it here. Some of his own photos taken during his time at sea can be found on the Radio London website and he has his own site at www. The general consensus seems to be that if he was an important contributor to sixties offshore radio which he was then he should be included, irrespective of what he got up to in his private life. He died in December and there is a tribute to him here. Rick worked in club promotion, both in the UK and on the continent, later running a company that installed audio-visual equipment to the hospitality industry, based in Miami, Florida. They never actually broadcast from the vessel. When Sutch started planning his radio station, it was natural that he should ask his old friend to get involved and Colin agreed. Thanks to Mike Barraclough. From there he moved to Capital Radio, where he combined a career in sales with regular programmes on air, using his real name of Ian Davidson. In June Roger started presenting regular programmes on the internet incarnation of Radio Caroline but had to stop doing regular programmes when he joined Birmingham's Saga now known as Smooth Radio. In December Channel 4 Television devoted two programmes to him, scheduled back to back. He operates an internet station called Uncool Radio which can be accessed via the website. Gerry Duncan or Jerry Duncan was heard occasionally on Radio Caroline during the early days of the station but was mainly employed behind the scenes as a producer, making taped programmes on land and recording commercials. He had also studied acting with Caroline boss Ronan O'Rahilly which was how his came to be the first voice heard on the station on Easter Saturday, welcoming listeners to the station before handing over to the first programme which was presented by the only other DJ on the ship, Chris Moore.

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Pirate ship fantasy sex pictures

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