These videos are great tools for teaching kids to be critical of media. Host Michael Stevens tackles a wide range of subjects from the psychological how humans make decisions to the scientific "What if the earth stopped spinning? His real-time game commentary and other videos done in a signature silly style make PewDiePie one of the most highly subscribed channels on YouTube. Language and content may not be age-appropriate. Unboxing Turns out, kids love watching people open stuff -- including toys, gadgets, and the Italian treat called Kinder Surprise Eggs. Although it's known for epic battles and massive explosions, PopularMMOs' host is a friendly, folksy guy named Pat, whose knowledge of and enthusiasm for the MMO game genre plus killer mods draw big audiences. My Life as Eva. His good humor, perfect editing, and clear explanations make his topics accessible and entertaining.

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Higa loves creating parodies of movies, ads, and songs, and he has a strong bent for personal confession and articulate tirades on topical subjects. Kids often learn better by seeing concepts presented visually, and video provides the perfect medium to explain everything from algebra to the number 0. My Life as Eva. Some of them are risky, such as the duct-tape challenge and the cinnamon challenge. Recently purchased by Disney-owned Maker Studios, CaptainSparklez is beloved as much for his intricate, atmospheric, and complex worlds as for his parody videos. Entertaining Let's Plays, reviews, skits, highlight reels, and more make Markiplier super popular. Language and content can be an issue on many of these channels. This YouTube veteran is famous for his colorful characters, outrageous songs, edgy videos, and funny first-person vlogs. However, in , his Disney-owned studio dropped him for posting anti-Semitic videos and imagery. Topics and language are not always age-appropriate. Many Minecraft YouTube videos are geared for older players, and they're filled with strong language, but there are plenty of age-appropriate channels, too. His good humor, perfect editing, and clear explanations make his topics accessible and entertaining. Ten-year-old Evan's unboxing videos include Legos, Kinder Eggs, and lots of other toys. Brothers Benny and Rafi started with "React" videos showing kids, teens, senior citizens, and other groups watching and commenting on YouTube videos. This is a team of gamers who create mostly game and entertainment-related videos, including Let's Plays, reviews, and skits. In its effort to provide "a world-class education for anyone, anywhere," Khan Academy offers a huge array of tutorials for the curious and for those needing help on homework! He's most famous for his unboxing videos of totally random stuff such as gummy worms, amiibos, and Loot Crates mail-order collections of toys and games. Khan Academy Let's Play By far, the most popular gaming videos on YouTube are "Let's Plays" -- basically, live narration by gamers while they're playing games. Controversy surrounding this Swedish YouTube star has not diminished his popularity. On the plus side, lots of these videos also offer DIY and crafting ideas and spoofs of their own content. Beautiful, smart, savvy identical twins Niki and Gabi make cool style seem effortless with their polished videos that include ideas for an easy "morning routine," DIY Halloween costumes, and photo ideas. They love taking challenges, such as the Tin Can Challenge where they sample food from unmarked cans. In addition to unboxing videos of Kinder Eggs, this channel creates Play-Doh Claymations, stop-motion videos, and clips of bath balls dissolving in water. Host Michael Stevens tackles a wide range of subjects from the psychological how humans make decisions to the scientific "What if the earth stopped spinning? Makeup and Fashion The makeup and fashion category is bursting with talented, versatile hosts who make skits, explain their morning routines, and share advice.

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Really young litte girl sex

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