Just like a lot of things on this list, start slow and increase intensity as you get more comfortable. The sitcom Modern Family did something similar and although hilarious, this does work like a charm. Yes you heard me right, no orgasm. After all, there is a reason 50 Shades of Grey sold million copies, right? Book a babysitter Book a nice hotel room Dress up very nice Tell her to go sit at the bar Wait minutes, walk up, order a drink Introduce yourself to her as a completely different person. Never underestimate the power of using a good vibrator with a woman—trust me. Once you hit her clit, lick back down the other side of her labia.

Sex that will blow her mind

Numerous studies and, you know, females, have found that the clitoral orgasm is the most superior of the orgasms as it is easier for them to reach climax due to the amount of nerve endings found on the clitoris. Go slow—if you go too fast, she may become too sensitive or not experience as much pleasure as she possibly can. To really spice things up, have sex in public. Resist the urge to increase your pressure. Words by Anna Davies Read more 1. Blended orgams are a mixture of G-spot vaginal and clitoral orgasms and the way to do it is to focus on giving her internal and external pleasure at the same time. Anal sex is not something you bring up spontaneously. The point is to achieve maximum clitoral stimulation, so you might have to experiment a bit until the position of your penis gives her the most pleasure. Shopping mall — changing room Park — Go hiking or just find a bunch of trees Bathrooms — at a restaurant, football stadium, wherever there are people. Lube Up Women who used a water- or silicone-based lubricant rated sexual pleasure and satisfaction higher than when they had intercourse without a lubricant, according to a recent Indiana University study of nearly 2, women. In fact, some women orgasm through anal sex. Not seeing evidence of your everyday lives can make it easier to totally let loose. This will stimulate multiple erogenous zones and can result in a mind blowing orgasm for women. In the past two decades, studies have found that this technique consistently leads to female orgasm, even for women who have reported difficulty achieving orgasm from penetration in the past, says Debby Herbenick, Ph. Relive Your Finest Moments Fantasy sharing sounds great in theory, but in practice it can be complicated—does your wife really know what you and Margot Robbie would do together? And while women can have a multitude of other orgasms, like anal orgasms and nipple orgasms , these two remain the cornerstone of how a woman can climax. Keep moving up and down like this, and experiment with both your breath and speed. Scope out a good spot with a dimly lit parking spot, hop in the backseat, and have her ride you like a pony. The next, take it nice and slow, and light up the passionate fire under her again. Take A Break Vacations may only come once or twice a year, but you can have hot vacation-style sex any day. Yes you heard me right, no orgasm. Corrupt The Couch Start with making out high-school style and then amp up the action by having her straddle your knee. You should discuss this with your partner, so she can prepare in advance, mentally and physically. When your partner is already aroused, she may find that certain moves feel extra-intense, Nagoski explains. So when you stimulate it juuuuust right… usually, after a few minutes, it builds into this sheet-soaking, toe-curling release… for both of you.

Sex that will blow her mind

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Sex that will blow her mind

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    Blended orgams are a mixture of G-spot vaginal and clitoral orgasms and the way to do it is to focus on giving her internal and external pleasure at the same time.


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